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GATHER gear pump

Efficient Pump Technology for non-lubricating liquids

The GATHER magnetic-drive gear pump is a hermetically sealed process pump. It is used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, water management and medical technology applications primarily for the pulsation-free conveying and dosing of non-lubricating liquids such as, for example, water, aqueous liquids, salt solutions, acid, caustic solutions and solvents.


This gear pump has been designed for degassing small volumes of water in the medical field. The pump design thus also enables non-lubricating liquids to be conveyed and metered. Within the scope of its operating parameters, this small dosing pump is capable of fulfilling almost any application for this duty.


GATHER has developed this pump type from a specialized laboratory pump to a highly precise process pump for the chemical and water management industries, with conveying capabilities embracing a variety of flow rates at a differential pressure of up to Δpmax = 20 bar. These properties are of utmost significance for dosing pumps having to convey ammonia liquor or urea for the purpose of preventing the formation of nitrogen oxide. On the one hand, the dosing or metering of a non-lubricating liquid can be accomplished by using different precisely engineered material of construction as follows:
The pump body and gear shafts are made of stainless steel, Hastelloy® or titanium, the bearing of carbon or plastic materials such as PEEK or PTFE. The gears are made from a nickel alloy, PEEK or PTFE (Teflon®) and can be optionally combined with each other. The gears and bearing materials all have superb tribological properties.


However, the bearing have to be lubricated or, at least, cooled. This lubrication, cooling is accomplished by internal flushing ducts that return a small amount of the conveyed medium from the delivery side via the main bearing back to the suction chamber where the flushing stream is again mixed with the fresh main stream fluid. As a rule, the temperature rise resulting from this admixture is hardly measurable. In the event aqueous solutions are conveyed no dead flow spaces exist inside the pump. This effect is conducive to the pump’s cleaning in place (CIP) feature using a solvent or cleaning agent. This also forms the basis for a sterilization in place (SIP) pump that can be sterilized while mounted. This feature is primarily employed in pharmaceutical applications.


Since the gear pump has speed related pumping characteristics the rate of delivery can be set by correspondingly adjusting the motor speed. This feature allows the use of variable speed drives (VFDs), which are also available for hazardous areas (the entire gear pump is suited for operating within hazardous areas and is ATEX compliant). The motor speed can be varied manually via a potentiometer or externally via control current or voltage.
As a result of its conveying characteristics and when operated by the correct drive the GATHER gear pump with the hermetically sealed magnetic coupling can be easily integrated into a control loop or PLC system.

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